Carlos Fenollosa

Carlos Fenollosa

Engineer, developer, entrepreneur
Gaztelugatxe, Basque Country. 2013

About me

Hi! Thanks for reading my website. I'm Carlos Fenollosa, a Computer Engineer and entrepreneur.

I've loved computers since I was a kid. My first machine was a 386 with 2 MB of RAM which ran DOS and since then I've used about every possible machine and OS that's available.

I studied Computer Engineering in Barcelona and then I worked for 8 years at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center as a research engineer, analyzing bioinformatics data using machine learning and supercomputing techniques.

After leaving that job I then took some sabbatical time, during which I started some projects, most of which failed, but allowed me to learn UI development, electronics and telecommunications.

During that period, I worked as a data analysis consultant and co-authored a patent to send data without the internet, using missed calls. We published a tech demo called Puput to listen to your emails using free voice calls. It was so novel that it got us a TV piece!

My dream has always been to found an AI startup. While in college, 15 years ago, this was an almost foolish idea. Nowadays, the AI field is growing strongly and there are many market opportunities to apply real AI on the enterprise.

Finally, in 2017, I managed to raise some funding to launch the company. Our product is Optimus Price, a SaaS that uses AI to optimize prices and operations in retail.

I am currently taking the CEO role which means that, as an engineer, I've had to learn many new skills: business development, sales, management, administration and finances. It's a whole new world, and a very interesting one; businesses are a big pillar of today's world, and I believe that a deep understanding of how they work complements well the technical world and lets you grow as a person.


You can contact me by mail and follow me on Twitter.

Some of my projects are on Github and you can read more about my professional profile on Linkedin.