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Carlos Fenollosa

Carlos Fenollosa

Engineer, developer, entrepreneur
Gaztelugatxe, Basque Country. 2013

About me

Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I'm Carlos Fenollosa, a Computer Engineer and enterpreneur.

I worked for 8 years analyzing bioinformatics data using machine learning. I then took some sabbatical time, during which I started some projects, learned UI development, electronics and telecommunications, and founded a startup, Paradoxa.

I am currently taking the CEO role which means that, as an engineer, I've had to learn many new skills: business development, sales, management, administration and finances. It's a whole new world, and a very interesting one; businesses are a big pillar of today's world, and I believe that a deep understanding of how they work complements well the technical world and lets you grow as a person.

My dream has always been to found an AI startup. While in college, 15 years ago, this was an almost foolish idea. However, thanks to the proliferation of tools and libraries, the commoditization of GPUs, and the focus on AI verticals, the AI field is growing strongly and there are many market opportunities to apply machine learning on the enterprise.

We are currently developing Optimus Price, an AI-powered dynamic pricer. Before that, I worked as a data analysis consultant with Paradoxa, and co-authored a patent to send data without the internet, using missed calls. I published a tech demo called Puput to listen to your emails using free voice calls. It was so surprising that it got us on TV!

Personal projects

As personal projects, I write on my blog (I also developed the blogging engine in Bash as a fun project). If you like reading about the linux terminal, scripting and automation, keyboard layouts and technology hacks, you should subscribe to it.

I'm also writing a tutorial operating system when time allows it.

When I was a kid, I learned to program by reading books and magazines, but the future of learning is video. I've always very interested in education, and programming will probably be the most requested skill for the next 50 years. That's why I've created a series of videos, aimed at kids and adults who wish to program but don't want to deal with all the computing complexity: Aprende a programar (in Spanish)

I also collect funny papers and run some podcasts, in Spanish: Dame la voz (news magazine), 5 minutos con Carlos Fenollosa (tech), and El Amuleto de Yendor (tech, now finished).


You can contact me by mail and follow me on Twitter.