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Carlos Fenollosa

Carlos Fenollosa

Engineer, developer, entrepreneur

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In an alternate universe: the Amiga Watch

April 13, 2015 — Carlos Fenollosa

Jimmy Maher, a digital antiquarian, is writing a series of posts on the history of the Amiga (1, 2, 3) that made me consider how history is written almost by chance, by small wins or small mistakes. A slightly different managerial or technical decision may have caused Apple to disappear, Amiga to succeed, and the best current smartphone could have been a Nokia phone with a physical keyboard, or maybe the best smartwatch may run BeOS.

I encourage you to invest some time reading Maher's blog and, if you're interested in Apple history, check out folklore.org, a recollection of the early Apple days mostly by Andy Herzfeld.

Tags: retro

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