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Spotify, we need to talk

June 05, 2014 — Carlos Fenollosa

Spotify, I pay you 10 euros every month just for one reason: so that I can listen to my music when I'm in the car.

I'm so glad you exist, you give me a reason not to pirate music. I had expected a service like you for a long time. I used to tell my friends that "I'll stop pirating when paying gives me a better experience than torrenting". And you did that. I was so happy to pay you every month. I have convinced at least three people to subscribe to your service, under the premise that they will be able to listen any track, anytime.

Last week, your app was updated again, but since iOS 7, this was done silently. And alas, I jumped into my car to start a road trip, connected to the bluetooth system, and voila! None of my music was there.

Well, it was there, but it didn't play. Of course offline playlists didn't play. But not even my own local files did play. Ironically, the only music I could play was the one I hadn't download, thus accessing it via 3G streaming.

This needs to get fixed, right now. In the next release. I mean, not even my local files?! What did you do with them? They are plain mp3 files!

Furthermore, with every release it gets worse. Your engineers spend time making the app "cooler" and enhancing the design, but it works way worse today on my new phone than two years ago on my old iPhone 3GS. How is that acceptable? Who checks your QA?

If I jump again into my car and you have deleted all my music, I'm back to downloading mp3s and advocating torrenting. Get your stuff together, Spotify.

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