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Use whatsapp from the command line

March 10, 2014 — Carlos Fenollosa

Update Oct 2014: Whatsapp changed their protocol and third party clients like yoswup may not work anymore.

In this post I'm going to show you how to run a commandline Whatsapp client. It can be very useful to connect it to a unix pipe and automatically get messages from your server, via Whatsapp. Also, it's cool B-)

Disclaimer: Whatsapp is sending DMCAs to take down Yowsup's Github repos, so either the software or the process may break with any update of their protocol. However, to date, I've been using it for a couple of months with no hassle.

  1. Download Yoswup from Gitorious and extract it somewhere
  2. Edit the config file and input your cc, phone and id. Leave the password blank
  3. We are going to force a re-auth on your phone's whatsapp in order to cache the password. Authenticate with yowsup: ./yowsup-cli -c config -r sms and wait for the SMS
  4. Second step of the authentication: ./yowsup-cli -c config -R [6-digit sms code]
  5. Now your phone's Whatsapp is disabled. Open the app and re-auth with either a SMS or a phone call, whatever is available first. You may have to wait some minutes.
  6. Download iFunBox
  7. Connect your phone, open the iFunBox app in your computer, and navigate to whatsapp/Library/Caches/net.whatsapp.WhatsApp
  8. Copy all files named Cache.db* to some place
  9. Download SQLiteStudio
  10. Open SQLiteStudio, and open the database on Cache.db. Navigate to the table cfurl_cache_receiver_data and scroll to the end. You will see a large json string. This is your current authentication data.
  11. Look on the json string for pw:XXXXXXX. That's your password. Copy it to yowsup's config file
  12. We are ready! ./yowsup-cli -c config -s [cc][phonenumber] "I'm texting you from a terminal"

Enjoy! Yowsup can also be used for full conversations, send messages to yourself which you'll receive on your phone or, as mentioned in the beginning of this post, pipe some other command to your phone.

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